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In 2003, the MDZ Art Gallery was established by Michael De Zutter, a passionate art lover who inherited his deep appreciation for fine arts from both parents. Located in the heart of Knokke-Heist, the gallery has garnered a strong reputation over the years. Its collection now spans from 1945 to the present, thoughtfully curated to embody Michael’s personal taste while also encompassing a profound understanding of art history.

The solo exhibitions of internationally renowned artists from the post-war era (such as Biasi, Christo, Dubuffet), influential representatives of the CoBrA and ZERO movements like Appel, Corneille, Leblanc, and contemporary masters (Delvoye, Förg, Knoebel…) have ensured that the gallery has become an established presence in the world of visual arts today.

Furthermore, De Zutter Art Gallery – after 20 years, the initials make way for the actual name – also provides a platform for emerging talent like De Jaeger, Aboudia, and The Connor Brothers.

De Zutter Art gallery - Michael De Zutter

Michael De Zutter

Knokke, Belgium

“It’s my father's virus that’s running through my veins.”

Growing up surrounded by post-war art, particularly avant-garde works from the CoBrA movement, it was no surprise that I pursued a career in the art industry instead of practicing law after obtaining my degree. With experience gained from working in a other gallery, I achieved my lifelong dream in 2003 with the establishment of MDZ Art Gallery.

It was a logical starting point to showcase the works that had such a prominent place in my childhood. Ultimately, it earned MDZ the recognition as the CoBrA gallery par excellence. My reputation as an expert led to the honor of accompanying as an expert Her Majesty and her daughter-in-law during their visit to the 2008 CoBrA exhibition at BOZAR in Brussels.

However, my interests extended far beyond this art movement. Over the years, I presented works by other notable artists such as Christo, Combas, and Wesselmann in both solo and group exhibitions. Since 2006, I became increasingly drawn towards the ZERO group and its artists, particularly Leblanc, Mack, and Piene.

As my focus continued to shift, I realized that MDZ Gallery needed to be redefined. In 2012, I broke away from the confines of my previous image, redesigned the gallery, and adopted a new logo that embodied a greater artistic range and included more contemporary names like Basquiat, Baselitz, Cragg, Förg and Knoebel.

Over the years, MDZ Gallery has been transformed into an international household name, specializing in post-war art. It showcases CoBrA (the gallery holds memberships with the Guillaume Corneille Foundation and is one of three appointed international experts for Corneille), ZERO (working closely with the Walter and Nicole Leblanc Foundation, maintaining a good relationship with Jan Schoonhoven’s family, and representing artist Heinz Mack for the Benelux), and exhibits works by international post-war icons such as Biasi, Christo (MDZ hosted solo shows featuring his work), Dubuffet, and Isgro, as well as contemporaries like Combas, Cragg, Delvoye, Förg, Knoebel, and Vandenberg.

We continue to expand our collection and have featured great young artists such as Aboudia, De Jaeger, and The Connor Brothers in more recent years.

After 20 years, MDZ Gallery has undergone a significant transformation. The name change to De Zutter Art Gallery marks a new chapter for the gallery, further emphasizing my personal approach and accentuating the gallery’s international character with even greater distinction.

post-war & contemporary art gallery

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