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CoBrA 75


CoBrA 75

04/08/2023 -

De Zutter Art Gallery has been the reference in CoBrA art for over 20 years. This expressive, tumultuous movement emerged from the ruins of World War II and rebelled against surrealism and abstract art. It was founded in Paris in 1948 by artists from Denmark, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

This summer, we celebrate the 75th anniversary of this cross-border art-form with a sublime retrospective exhibition where you can admire the unique works of Alechinsky, Appel, Corneille, Doucet, Hultén, Asger Jorn, Lucebert and Pedersen in person.

De Zutter Art Gallery,

Kustlaan 149, B-8300 Knokke

CoBrA 75 - De Zutter Art Gallery

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4 aug - 20 aug: OPEN DAILY

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Weekdays: 11u30 - 12u30 & 14u00 - 18u00

21 aug - 1 sept: CLOSED

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Sat: 11u00 - 12u30 & 14u00 - 18u00
Sun: 11u00 - 18u00

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Sun: 11u00 - 18u00

post-war & contemporary art gallery

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